River City Jedi

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Welcome to River City Jedi

River City Jedi is an LED lightsaber combat/stunt group based in Winnipeg, MB.

It started in April of 2012 with a couple of friends, old sparring partners that discovered there are LED lightsabers out there designed and built to withstand the forces involved with sparring and dueling.

We take civilized stunt and dueling quality LED weapons for a more civilized age, Star Wars Cannon, and add various real world martial arts approaches to them, giving us the unique blend of the lightsaber forms

We use whatever resources and experiences are available, from the members of our group (various martial arts, stage combat classes, fencing, etc) and online resources like the Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy.(http://www.facebook.com/TerraPrimeLightsaberAcademy)

LED saber combat is growing worldwide with various organizations. It is incredibly fun, and surprisingly good exercise as well!

Members are encouraged (but never required) to create their own persona or Star Wars character, but try and keep it believable. Taking part in costuming is always encouraged, and its half the fun of having your own lightsaber.

May the force be with you, always.

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